About Us

At WildernessLogics our main goal is simple. Provide the best quality gear at the lowest possible price. All of our gear is custom made we try to have a few items in stock but most of the time we make to order, this lets you customize your gear to fit your needs what ever it may be.

Our companys history starts back in the late 1960's. Our main product base in those days were interior design and decorating. Custom making every curtain, pillow and bedspread was our trademark. Over the years our work has been seen in the annual Home Furnishings Show. Some of our clients include Ty Pennington, Paula Dean and Bob Timberlake to name a few. Along the way we were the main manufacture of hunting apparel for the Roses store chain.

These days we are still going strong with the interior business but we decided to take a turn for the exterior side of things as well. After our local furniture companys moved from Thomasville, we have researched ways we can help our local economy. One way we found was to try and help local people that were skilled in this trade to stay employeed.  Starting this new line of outdoor hammock camping gear was the key. Today our employees are still able to use those skills to produce a quality product that is made in the USA.

We are a licensed pillow and bedding manufacturer.

 The best compliment you can give is a referral. Our business relies heavily on referrals from happy customers like your self if you know someone who might like our gear, give them a shout out and spread the word. Our main goal make people happy and have fun in life.