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  • Item #: Snipe

The SNIPE a single layer, 1.0 oz. ripstop nylon.  This hammock is 132" long

Includes: Whoopie Slings (72") and Tree Hugger Straps (72").

200 lb. maximum weight.  58"X132" to get that flat lay! or  new wider version 68" x 132"

Color: Black, Coyote brown, Olive green, Charcoal gray

pack weight is 14 oz.

New option: Add continuous loops on each end.

The stuff sack measures 11"X4" and is open at both ends with draw cords.

This knotty design hammock has an adjustable head and foot pouch for that comfortable night's sleep minus the calf pressure!  This hammock is the same look as the Owl's, but has one less layer. 

Custom made in North Carolina



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