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120" ridgeline and 49" from ridge line to bottom, with D rings 6" draw cord closure down each side of ridgeline for suspension to pass through   #5 heavy duty zipper with double zipper heads.  Zippers are sewn in with double stitching and zig zag stitchingAll raw edges are serged for added durablity. New wider design allows for the wider hammocks with the 120" ridge line and 55" from ridge line to bottom.

Flat bottom design allows you to use the area as storage for lightweigh gear (socks, shirts, etc.) to dry. 

Fits most any size travel hammock. Two pictures show our bugnet working well with the eno hammock.

Total pack weight with stuff sack is 10.5 oz.


To hang: Unzip and put your hammock inside bug net, open draw cord on each end and pull suspension through Hang hammock and tightrn up draw cord, your hammock should fall into place.  Use S-Biner to fasten D rings to suspension or tie a cord to D ring and go directly to the tree using a Knot Bone or small figure 9.  Some use ridgelines; it would go through the same drawcord at top. 

If you have one of our hammocks get the XL hammock stuff sack and you can put the hammock while the bug net is attached all in one sack, never have to take it off until the winter hanging starts.

Custom made in North Carolina.

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Price $80.00
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