''Oldman Winter''

''Oldman Winter''
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1.2 oz. Silnylon ripstop, includes 4 side panel pulls, and 6 edge tie outs (3 on each side).  This tarp has 56" side walls, and is available in 132" RL and 144" RL.  All tarps are made of double coated silicone nylon fabric. 

Double cat cut with web pulls and tie outs.

Oldman Winter has a pack weight of 19 oz. (132") and 21 oz. (144").and now a {23 oz {156''} ridge line, this extra 12'' on the tarp allows you to close the doors when using a bridge hammock the shorter tarps have been a problem for those that use the bridge not being able to close the doors complely. now the bridge hangers have a tarp just for them.

Colors: Black, Gray, Forest Green, Brown, Tan, Camo

Stuff sack size measures 7"X5". 

Oldman Winter covers all of our hammocks and is a great way to protect you and your gear.  This large tarp also has doors!  A New Feature  pair of loops are added to the inside of the tarp to allow you to clip your hammock to one side leaving room to sit or cook under your tarp. 


Choose inside or outside pole mod. 

Brown pic shows outside pole mod, while the green pic shows inside pole mod.  Poles (sold separately) are .344 Nanolite and come with a carry bag.  The outside pole mod comes with 4 quick release clips and a carry bag. 

All of our tarps are 99% water tight at the rigde line, so you may need to seam seal the ridge line for piece of mind

Custom made in North Carolina.  NO CORDAGE COMES WITH THIS TARP.

 If you just want the pole pocket check the pole pocket box if you have your own pole









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